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Android Game - Puzzle 15

Android game - Puzzle 15

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1. Helicopter Flying Desert
... and grab power-ups as the magnet to attract the tanks and the gold coins and the shield to protect you. "Helicopter Flying Desert" is an action free game. Dive in the adventure and have fun with Helicopter ...
2. Flying Pirate
(Android Apps/Android Games)
...      Do you like pirates? Great, now you are a pirate, a crazy flying pirate! Fly like a bird (clumsy) over the Caribbean Sea. In this free action runner game, you have to fly the ...
3. The Battle Path
... Battle Path is an action game. Launch your attack and drive your army truck to the glory. Kill your enemies and shoot all of them to achieve your goal. Your main objective is to cross the battle path destructing ...
4. Feed Them All
... Feed Them All is an action game. Defend your sheep Feed Them in a funny defense game in which hungry monsters are coming to eat your sheep. The only way to stop them is to throw pieces of meat in front ...
5. Fruit Panic
Fruit Panic - on Games For Game - GFG Description: Fruit ...
6. Priest vs Evil
...  Priest Vs Evil is a crazy action game packed with holy retribution and gore galore! The evil undead have risen from Their graves, taking your town by storm and infecting the locals With Their grotesque ...
7. Trigger Down
... Down is an action First Person Shooter (FPS) game. You are an elite shooter and a mission for in an anti-terrorist Fight. Pull the trigger and shoot down your enemies to death. Explore different cities ...
8. Bubble Pop
... Have fun with this free action game. Content rating: EveryoneControl Scheme: Keyboard ...
9. Where is Toilet
...  Where is Toilet is an action game. In a sunny morning, Monkey Jack go out to play. Suddenly, he felt stomach pain. He seems to have diarrhea. He wanted to find toilet as soon as possible. But he thought ...
10. Red Extinction
... Have fun with this free action game. Content rating: EveryoneControl Scheme: Mouse ...
11. Elevatorz Blitz
Description: Elevatorz Blitz is a very fun game. Go up the stairs avoiding the elevators, but watch the time! Have fun with this free action game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme:  ...
12. Whack A Zombie
Description: Whack A Zombie is a very fun game. Use the hammer to hit the tombs, the zombies come from them, but watch out there are three different types of zombies, some are very difficult to hit (boss). ...
13. Dog And The Mushrooms
Description: Dog And The Mushrooms is a very funny game. The aim is to help the dog to pick up the mushrooms and to put them in a basket. Pay attention to the black mushrooms are toxic! Use your mouse ...
14. Fly Buster
Description: Who hates boring flies? Fly Buster is a game that allows you to kill them! Pay attention because most of them are very fast. Use your mouse to capture them! Play this free action game. Content ...
15. Bobeedia
Description: Bobeedia is a game of action and strategy. Create an army of robots to defeat the rebel forces! Use the tutorial to learn how to win. Play this free action game. Content Rating: Everyone. ...
16. Pacifier Warrior
... and win all the levels! Have fun with this free action game.Content Rating: Everyone. Control Scheme: WASD and Arrow Keys          ...
17. Cat Sledding
Description: If you love cats play with Cats Sledding. This cat loves to play snow sports overcome the obstacles and Win many prizes. Help him to pass all the levels. Play this free skill game. Content ...
18. Mugalon Coinocopter
Description: Mugalon Coinocopter is an action game. Fly in the sky and gather all the money to increase your level. Become the best pilot! Play this free action game. Content Rating: Everyone. Control ...
19. Kick Out Kim
Description: Are you sick of kim? Throw him in the air through the enemies and help him to overwhelm them. Gain money to but better weapons. SAVE THE WORLD…. Kick Out Kim! Have fun with this free action ...
20. Fruity Pies
Description: Fruit Pies is a very captivating game. You must pick fruits required and create the best cakes, but look out for stones! Increase levels and become a real chef!! Play this free arcade game. ...


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